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Čergov photogallery of rough collies

• 17.04.2011 - Terňa

Nice trip to village Terňa in the Prešov Region of eastern Slovakia. Interested in our beautiful nature and bows.



• 22.05.2011 - vrch Minčol (1157 m.)

Čergov Mountain Range is placed in north-east part of Slovakia, in Region of Prešov. Minčol belongs with its altitude 1 157 metres to highest hills in Čergov. We choose the tourist road leads from village Kamenica, to Kyjov - Minčol and back to the Kamenica. Aproximately abou 18 km. A good trip lenght to a hot summer day. After few hours of walking trough on top with beautiful scenic views. Nature did not stop to amaze us all the way - first, beautiful sunny meadows full of sheep and cows (Yaschka was delighted) and higher the nice woods. Even though she has been a hot summer day, Yaschka had a lot of enthusiasm and she was always on the head of our expedition. We spent a unforgetable day.