Collie roughs - Botanical garden | Yaless Blue

Botanical garden photogallery of rough collies

30.04.2013 - After nearly 10 months, visited Grace botanical garden again. This time, however, to be sure - on a leash - because even though Grace grew up, some things do not change with it - I mean specifically the crazy ideas :))) But this time remained lake with water lilies untouched and we took a lot of beautiful pictures. A couple of them can you see here :) Grace on the photos in the age of 19 months.






04.07.2012 - Park in the Botanical Garden is a very nice place for a photo shoot ... of course, in addition, we enjoyed a lot of fun. Park is still a beautiful place for running and making fun :) And if you are already bored from photographing, ideal is the secretly jump into the pond with water lily :))) Even the final tour in greenhouses ... then collie dating with plenty of exotic butterflies and beautiful day is over :) Photo: Peter Suvák. Grace on the photos in the age of 9 months.